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This is a website that shows attractions, commerce and accommodation in Bømlo. A brief description on where you will find what in Bømlo follows. The website is unfortunately only in Norwegian, but you can get your web browser to translate the page into English, by following these instructions. We wish you a wonderful stay on our island – we hope you come to love and treasure it as much as we do.

Frequently asked questions

I dont read norwegian, what can I do?
You can translate any page to your native language. Instructions for Chrome available on the link.


In the municipal centre Svortland you will find the main shopping area of Bømlo, with various shops, cafés, bank services, swimming pool and more. Here you will find Bømlo kulturhus with concert venue, cinema, library and tourist information.


The farthest north of the island, you will find the small fishing village of Brandasund. From here you can visit Slåtterøy lighthouse, Nillo på Skjeret and other traditional village shops. There are RV sites and sea houses for rent. On the way to Brandasund there are lot of hiking opportunities, including a daytrip to the popular viewpoint cabin Kurebu.


In Rubbestadneset you will find the only hotel in Bømlo, centrally located a short driving distance from most sites. From Rubbestadneset kai there is a passenger ferry connecting Bømlo to the region of Sunnhordland and also north to Bergen airport Flesland and Bergen city.


The highest mountain on Bømlo is called Siggjo, 474 meters above sea level. On a clear day you can enjoy a spectacular view from the top, overlooking islands, mountains and fjords in the region of Sunnhordland and beyond.


In the middle of Bømlo, driving towards Langevåg, you will find Kulleseidkanalen. By the historic canal you will find a leisure boat harbour with all facilities, RV parking, a restaurant and a grocery store. Further south you can visit the goldmines of Lykling and Gullvegen Gardstun.


Moster and Mosterhamn is a unique heritage site in Norwegian cultural history. Moster old church and Moster Amfi are located here, including Geopark Sunnhordland og Steinriket Bømlo.


In Langevåg you will find Langevåg Bygdatun, with a leisure boat harbour, grocery store, bank services and cafe. There are several places of interest, like Sokkamyra, an archaeological site dating back to the stone age. From Langevåg you can get the ferry to and from Haugesund.


Espevær is a picturesque island vest of Bømlo, with many things to see. Make sure to visit the historic Baadehuset, Hummarparken, and the mysterious UFO-circle. Espevær has a grocery store on the island, and a lovely fine dining restaurant during the summer season. You can visit by passenger ferry from Eidesvik in Langevåg.